By Ian Chainey

Motörhead at Coachella, 2014 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)

What does the loudest boat in the world sound like? Kinda like "Ace of Spaces." Let's take a walk on the newswire:

You bet, Motörhead's Motörboat isn't just the name of my trad metal slash fiction novel, it's the latest metal cruise available to headbanging vacationers. We mentioned briefly before. but there are now details. The ship departs from Miami on September 22 and returns to port on September 26. Aside from Lemmy and company, the lineup includes Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Down, and High on Fire (who are working on a new album), among others. Honestly, it's just nice to see Lemmy is well enough to do this at all. The full bill appears below.

Now, let's take care of the signings: Nuclear Blast had an interesting haul. On Tuesday, they inked Southern California grinding core hellions Nails to a deal. The super-heavies will be touring Europe at the end of the month before they hit This is Hardcore in July. Then, Nuke Blast followed up their core coup with Biohazard. The NYC groove committee are also touring the world, hitting The Gathering of the Juggalos (yep) before bouncing around Europe. No official news regarding the possibility of either recording an LP yet. Elsewhere, Obituary will partner with Relapse despite Kickstartering all of the necessary funds for their next one. Says the band, "Now we have teamed up with Relapse Records to have them get this new album out there, in stores and available to the fans world wide." So looks like a good deal for both sides. Obituary is currently touring Europe.

More: The terrifying Today is the Day are now on Southern Lord. Animal Mother, the band's 10th long-player, will be released by the label in late 2014. Today is the Day's Steve Austin also appears in the AmRep documentary, The Color of Noise. Finally, the buzzy Bog Oak, a quartet of Oakland doomers, have signed with Svart Records. The partnership will result in a 10" record later this year and a full-length in 2015. All of the tour dates along with representative streams appear below.

KEN Mode in February (more by Di Lynn Ring)
KEN Mode

A few bands are ready to hit the studio. Canadian metalcore group KEN Mode posted, "Studio booked, plane tickets paid for, shit just got real for KEN Mode's 'Success' LP." The band has a few Canadian dates in the future and Hopscotch Fest in North Carolina. Prog-deathers Atheist are working on their fifth LP with bassist Tony Choy back in the fold. They've also tapped Jason Suecof as the producer. Outfit and knob-twiddler are looking at 2015 as a release date. And hardcore legends Sick of it All are actually all done with their full-length. They're currently in the mastering process. Blood, sweat, and waveforms. The NYHC icons will head to Long Beach, California this weekend to share an Ink N Iron bill with Merle Haggard(!) before hitting Europe for a solid month of stops. All of the tour dates along with representative streams appear below.

Thrashers Overkill have set July 22 for the release of White Devil Armory. They'll also be hitting the road soon with Prong. Then, they'll play HEAVY MTL which has an, uh, eclectic lineup. Though it's not as out there as Louisville, Kentucky's Louder Than Life which brings together headliners Judas Priest (who have a new one in the works) with Korn, Stone Temple Pilots, and Limp Bizkit (who are releasing a tape, no kidding). Huh. Oh, yeah, there will also be "gourmet man food." In other release news, Blood Music -- the label that put out the ridiculous Moonsorrow box set -- have another big remaster project on the way. This one rounds up everything Emperor. The black metal titans will be making the festival rounds this year with dates set for Wacken Open Air, Sweden Rock Festival, and Bloodstock Open Air. Sorry, America.

We've also got some groups forming and reforming. Gruesome is the new venture from Matt Harvey (Exhumed), Gus Rios (Malevolent Creation), Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed), and Robin Mazen (Derketa). Harvey is already pretty high on it, saying, "Very Cannibal Ferox, I guess. Anyway, take it as it is, a bunch of death metal and specifically Death fans getting together to make some noise for your ears. Cheers!" You can stream a sample below.

Also: rumors about Acid Bath's possible reunion may be premature. Drummer Jimmy Kyle did post, and then deleted, a call for a vocalist. But, according to the other surviving members, a full reformation wouldn't happen without late bassist Audie Pitre. An Acid Bath tribute isn't out of the question, though singer Dax Riggs has declined to participate. The grungy sludgsters last released an album, Pagan Terrorism Tactics, in 1996.

Finally, surf thrashers Ghoul will answer your questions. Scope the first episode of Ghoul's Burning Questions (suggested alt title: Dear Putrid) below.

Don't forget to keep up with the rest of our metal coverage during the week.


Now that you're, ahem, fully briefed, let's recap all of the A/V transmissions, available for your streaming pleasure below.

The nasty speed metallers Midnight are back and they've brought "Evil Like a Knife." No Mercy for Mayhem will hit the streets via Hells Headbangers on August 19.

Also out that date from HH will be the new Children of Technology. The Italian B-flick-obsessed speedsters have supplied the first sample of Future Decay. The song is called "Under the Ripping Storm" and may or may not be about Rip Torn drinking near a bank.

The thrash iteration of Corrosion of Conformity are streaming another from IX (Candlelight Records, June 24 - preorder) titled "On Your Way." COC will be out on tour in Australia soon for a short run. Dates appear below.

Weed hounds Cannabis Corpse released their second verdant ode off of From Wisdom to Baked (Season of Mist, June 24 - preorder). This smokey slammer is called "Individual Pot Patterns" (I see what you did there) and has guest grunts from Chris Barnes. Band and Barnes will be hitting up the recently announced Denver Black Sky in August.

For the smaller guys that deserve some shine, there's the Swiss Nihilo streaming their March-released Dum Spiro Spero in full. Plus, tech-deathers Pillory have returned with a track from the forthcoming Evolutionary Miscarriage (Unique Leader, June 10 - preorder). Stream both of those below.

Got it? Good. To shows we go:

TODAY (6/6): The year's evilest day has its share of heavy treats. The very-loud duo Jucifer will be joined by cleanteeth and Mammal at Acheron (tickets); Saint Vitus has a big ol' bill of death metal, counting Solace of Requiem, Immortal Suffering, Dying Eyes of Sloth, Headrot, and Witch King among the jam-packed lineup; If you're looking for something a little more dynamic (and later in the day), the post-everything Kayo Dot will play with Bent Knee at Littlefield (tickets); And for the punks, Goosebumps, Skin Colour, Exotic Functions, Stranger, and Pleasure Industries are at Lulu's. Tickets are $5 at the door.

SATURDAY (6/7): If Friday is loud, Saturday is just plan massive. The reformed Eyehategod, Ringworm, Enabler, and Shitkill make up a STACKED bill at Europa (tickets); On the more core side, The Rival Mob, Blacklisted, World War 4, and Stick Together will hit Le Poisson Rouge (tickets); Want to add a little more metal back into that core? How about Fahrenheit 451, Shai Hulud, Zombie Fight, and The Conflicted at Saint Vitus (tickets); How about some straight noise? Concrete Mascara, Swallowing Bile, Lace, Aischrolatreia, Swollen Organs, Penchant, :M:, Vat, and Nick Klein will provide plenty of static at Trans-Pecos; Tickets are $10 at the door; and finally, Acheron has got some old school death heavies with Solstice, Dracaris, Slaughter the Prophets, Bomb Scare, and Untombed (tickets).

Looking for late adds and dates ahead? NYC Metal Show Calendar has got you covered.

Let's talk IO: We published two parts (Part 1 and Part 2) of the three-part series on Lucifer's Hammer, tracking the fall and rise of metal in the Bay Area post-thrash. We streamed a couple separated by 40-odd years: Rog & Pip did their work in the '70s, while Profetus is dooming away in the present. In addition, we had a full album stream of the death metal classic The Winterlong by God Macabre. The rest of this week's new stuff resides, as always, in the exhaustive Upcoming Metal Releases. Scab Casserole remembered most of MDF. Lastly, we had some good chats with Tombs' Mike Hill and Eric Quach of thisquietarmy.

Alright, consider the decks cleared. What did we miss? What are your plans? Let us know and catch all of the dates, reams of streams, and other noted details below.



Motörhead's Motörboat Lineup - September 22 - 26
Zakk Wylde
High on Fire
Jim Breuer Band
Kill Devil Hill
Danko Jones
Fireball Ministry


Nails 2014 Tour Dates
Jun 26 - Birthdays - London, United Kingdom
Jun 27 - Festivalpark Dessel - Dessel, Belgium
Jun 27 - Tuska Open Air - Helsinki, Finland
Jun 28 - Graspop Metal Meeting - Hasselt, Belgium
Jun 29 - Nouveau Casino - Paris, France
Jun 30 - Kleiner Klub Garage - Saarbrücken, Germany
Jul 01 - Juha West - Stuttgart, Germany
Jul 02 - Sunny Red - Munich, Germany
Jul 03 - Die Werkstatt - Cologne, Germany
Jul 04 - Hafenklang - Hamburg, Germany
Jul 05 - With Full Force Festival - Leipzig, Germany
Jul 06 - Roskilde Festival - Roskilde, Denmark
Jul 24 - 27 - This is Hardcore - Philadelphia, PA


Biohazard - 2014 Tour Dates
Jun 26 - Le Salle Multi w/ BRICK BY BRICK - Quebec City, Canada
Jun 28 - Mavericks Bar w/ BRICK BY BRICK - Ottawa, Canada
Jun 29 - Hard Luck Bar w/ BRICK BY BRICK - Toronto, Canada
Jul 23 - The Gathering of the Juggalos - Thornville, OH
Jul 25 - NORD Open Air w/ Free Show - Essen, Germany
Jul 25 - Rietz Open Air w/ Trailer Park Sex - Olkenbach, Germany
Jul 26 - UMSONST & DRAUBEN - Lindau, Germany
Jul 27 - Rock Beach Festival - Balaton, Hungary
Jul 28 - Billy's Birthday Bash at PULA - Uljanik, Croatia
Jul 29 - Kufstein Kulturfabrik - Kufstein, Austria
Jul 30 - Bogaloo w/ Madball - Pfarrkirchen, Germany
Jul 31 - Pod Parou - Moravska Trebova, Czech Republic
Aug 01 - Terchovsky Budzogan - Terchova, Slovakia
Aug 02 - Barby - Tel Aviv, Israel
Aug 03 - Extreme Fest - Albi, France
Aug 05 - Garage w/ Ignite - Saarbrucken, Germany
Aug 06 - KFZ - Marburg, Germany
Aug 07 - Rock im Betonwerk w/ Madball - Chemnitz, Germany
Aug 09 - Rebellion Fest - Blackpool, United Kingdom
Aug 10 - Bloodstock Festival - Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Aug 11 - Brudenell Social Club - Leeds, United Kingdom
Aug 13 - Carnegie Theatre & Arts Center - Workington, United Kingdom
Aug 14 - Queens Hall - Nuneaton, United Kingdom
Aug 15 - Underworld w/ Seethe, Madball - London, United Kingdom
Aug 16 - SUMMERBREEZE OPEN AIR - De Dinkelsbuhl, Germany
Aug 30 - Baroeg - Rotterdam, Netherlands


Obituary - 2014 Tour Dates
June 6 - Club De B - Torhout, Belgium
June 7 - Rockhard Festival - Gelsenkirchen, Germany
June 10 - Vortex Club - Siegen, Germany
June 11 - Bi Nuu - Berlin, Germany
June 13 - Cobenhell - Copenhagen, Denmark
June 14 - AAAAAAARRGHH Szczecin Extreme Fest - DK Slowianin - Stettin (Szczecin), Poland
June 15 - Legacy-Open Air - Weismain, Germany
July 11 - Backstage - Munich, Germany
July 12 - Bang Your Head Festival - Balingen, Germany
July 17 - Traffic Club - Roma, Italy
July 18 - The Jungle - Cascina (Pisa), Italy
July 19 - Cueve Rock - Cagliari, Sardinia
July 20 - SummerMusic - Udine (Codroipo), Italy
July 22 - Metaldays 2014 - Tolmin, Slovenia
July 25 - 11th Rock Unter den Eichen - Bertingen, Germany
July 26 - Stonehenge Festival - Steenwijk, Holland
July 27 - Baroeg - Rotterdam, Holland
July 31 - Hard Club - Porto, Portugal
August 1 - Cine-Teatro de Corroios - Lisbon/Seixal, Portugal
August 2 - Resurrection Festival - Viveiro, Spain
August 3 - Xtreme Fest - Toulouse, France
August 7 - Brutal Assault - Jaromer, Czech Republic
August 9 - Party-San-Festival - Schlotheim, Germany
August 10 - Bloodstock Festival - Derbyshire, England
August 14 - Rockstadt Extreme Fest - Rasnov, Romania
August 16 - Summer Breeze - Dinkelsbuehl, Germany
August 17 - Motocultor - Vannes/Saint-Nolff, France

Bog Oak

KEN Mode

KEN Mode 2014 Dates
June 13 - Saskatoon, SK (CA) - MoSo Festival - @ Rock Bottom
June 14 - Regina, SK (CA) - Queen City Riot Fest - @ The Exchange
July 25 - Winnipeg, MB (CA) - @ The Windsor
Sept 4-6 - Raleigh, NC (US) - Hopscotch Music Festival

Sick of it All

Sick of it All - 2014 Dates
June 8 - Ink N Iron Festival - Long Beach, CA
July 18 - Traffic Jam - Dieburg (D)
July 19 - Dour Festival - Dour (B)
July 20 - Deichbrand Festival - Cuxhaven (D)
July 22 - Budapest Park O.A. - Budapest (H)
July 23 - P.P.C. - Graz (AT)
July 25 - Nord Open Air - Essen (D)
July 26 - Riez Open Air - Bausendorf (D)
July 27 - Greenville Festival - Paaren (D)
July 29 - Caf'Conc’ des 3 Frontières - Bartenheim (FR)
August 1 - Resurrection Fest - Viveiro (ES)
August 2 - Atabal - Biarritz (FR)
August 3 - Xtreme Fest - Albi (FR)
August 5 - Spazio Boss - La Spezia (I)
August 6 - Punk Rock Holiday - Tolmin (SI)
August 7 - Free & Easy - Munich (D)
August 8 - Endless Summer - Torgau (D)
August 9 - Brutal Assault Festival - Jaromer (CZ)



Acid Bath

Children of Technology

Corrosion of Conformity

Corrosion of Conformity - 2014 Tour
July 18: The Factory Theatre - Sydney NSW
July 19: ANU Bar - Canberra ACT
July 20: 170 Russell - Mebourne VIC
July 22: The Kings Arms - Auckland NZ
July 23: Bodega Bar - Wellington NZ
July 25: Fowlers Live - Adelaide SA
July 26: The Rosemount - Perth WA
July 28: The Hi Fi - Brisbane QLD

Cannabis Corpse




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