by Ian Chainey

Kayo Dot at IO SXSW showcase, 2014 (More by Tim Griffin)

Looks like a lot of bands spent the spring making sweet, sweet albums in the studio. First up is Kayo Dot, the avant-garde concern of Toby Driver who will be out on the road with Secret Chiefs 3 soon. Their newest is named Coffins on Io and will be out on Flenser Records on October 16. Says Driver, "Basically the vibe that we're going for here is inspired by 80s retro-future noir -- Blade Runner." Hey, the man has seen things you wouldn't believe. Elsewhere, MDF MVPs Bölzer have tabbed August 5 as the release date for their EP entitled Soma through Invictus Productions. You can sample "Steppes" below.

Masters of blast 1349 will drop Massive Cauldron of Chaos -- or what we call "soup" when I'm cooking -- on September 30 via Season of Mist. You can check out the track "Slaves" below. Tech deathers Decapitated have set September 26 as the date for Blood Mantra to be released through Nuclear Blast. Scope the cover art below. Viking shredders Ensiferum are planning to hit the studio in the fall to record their next album. And, finally, noise rockers PORD *squee* have announced *squeeeeee* their next album will be named Wild in September and will be released by Solar Flare Records in November. Sure, that makes sense. You can play their *squeeeeeeeeee* feedback-drenched teaser below.

Some bands, though, are calling it quits. Patrick Mameli is putting Pestilence down for the second time. The death/thrashers reformed in 2008 and turned in three respectable records. But Mameli wants to move on to new territory: "As of now, Pestilence is no longer active in recording new material. As a matter of fact, it's on a permanent hold, as I want to concentrate fully on my new project Necromorph. The style will be more brutal, more crazy, more tech, more futuristic and more death. I'm pretty sure all my fans will dig this!" Should've just named it Necromore.

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Now that you're, ahem, fully briefed, let's recap all of the A/V transmissions.


For the full-album previews: The sludgy Bastard Feast streamed the entirety of Osculum Infame, their newest rager that will see a release on Season of Mist on July 22 (preorder). And instrumental dun-duners Pelican put up all of Arktika, their document of a live set in St. Petersburg, Russia. That one will be out on wax August 26 through the band (preorder). Those two are available below.

For single tracks and teasers, thrashers Midnight -- who will be playing NY Deathfest II on July 26 -- premiered "Woman of Flame" from No Mercy for Mayhem (August 19, Hells Headbangers). Greek blackened thrashers Principality of Hell showed off "Codex Inferno" from Fire and Brimstone (August 18, W.T.C. Productions). And buzzy core newcomers GUST dropped "Humility In Disguise" from their forthcoming eponymous album (September 16, Southern Lord - preorder). All songs are available below.

Got it? Good. To shows we go:

TODAY (FRIDAY, 7/11): Don't bother with the shower because things are going to get sleazy. Walking lewdness charges the Mentors will play the Paper Box with NYC rippers Mutilation Rites, HEXER, Maximum Oversatan, Bomb Scare, TREZ MUERTOZ, Throaat, and tons more (tickets).

SATURDAY (7/12): Saint Vitus has set up one evil Saturday: Ash Borer, Hell, Vorde, and Yellow Eyes will flex their turbo trems and drones (tickets). If a downtuned death metal guitar is more your kind of filth, OSDMers Funebrarum, Undergang, Trepanation, Astraes Pestis, and Grim Legion will be at the Acheron (tickets).

Looking for late adds and dates ahead? NYC Metal Show Calendar has got you covered.

Let's talk IO: It was a busy week as always in our corner. Upcoming Metal Releases tracked all of the new things including huge names like Judas Priest, Goatwhore, and more. We premiered the full album from Lord Worm's hateful Rage Nucléaire and brought it way, way back with the retro rock of Saturn. We also got our critique on, weighing in on Eluveitie, Goatwhore, and Slugdge, which is DEATH METAL ABOUT SLUGS. YES, THE CAPS ARE NECESSARY. And, of course, Wyatt provided a detailed account of sights and sounds of Martyrdoom. Finally, we were all about the Mastodon this week. We provided the details for their tour presale and went one more 'round with guitarist Bill Kelliher in a great Jonathan Dick-helmed interview.

Alright, consider the decks cleared. What did we miss? What are your plans? Let us know and catch the reams of streams, and other noted details below.




Decapitated - Blood Mantra cover art


Bastard Feast



Principality of Hell