The Hold Steady have been doing an annual run of surprise guest and opener-filled holiday shows at Brooklyn Bowl, "Massive Nights," for four years now. While they can't hold their 2020 edition as usual, they aren't taking the year off, either. Instead, they'll be streaming three shows from Brooklyn Bowl on They happen on December 3 (at 9 PM ET), December 4 (at 9 PM ET), and December 5 (at 5 PM ET), and there's also a Soundcheck/Happy Hour stream planned for Friday (12/4).

Here's more from the band:

In 2016, we began the tradition known as Massive Nights, a four night celebration of The Hold Steady music and community at Brooklyn Bowl. It’s truly become the most wonderful time of the year, a chance to meet up with friends from around the world and raise glasses and sing along. We were very much looking forward to celebrating the 5 year anniversary of this wonderful tradition in 2020.

And we still are…it will just look a little different. The Hold Steady will once again be returning to the Brooklyn Bowl in early December to play three shows for fans across the world. This time, due to obvious circumstances, we will be doing it through live stream technology. We hope you will join us from your homes and devices, have some drinks, sing the songs, and virtually be a part of this celebration. It’s a strange year, but we can still get together and make these three nights massive.

Join us for three different sets filled with our classic songs and some new ones as well. Expect some songs you haven’t heard in a while. Be a part of the joyful celebration that is Massive Nights.

The usual add-ons and bells + whistles are in place - multi-day ticket (limited), soundcheck event Friday (limited). A merch bundle and Brooklyn Bowl virtual merch stand will be offered in the weeks leading up to the shows.

Tickets go on sale Friday, 10/30 at 12 PM ET.