The Hold Steady haven't released an album since 2014's Teeth Dreams, but they're continuing to release two-song singles. Following November 2017's "Entitlement Crew" b​/​w "A Snake In The Shower" and March 2018's "Eureka" b​/​w "Esther.", today they put out out "The Stove & The Toaster" b​/​w "Star 18." Like the past two singles, these are the band's first recordings with keyboardist Franz Nicolay since 2008's Stay Positive, they were produced by The National collaborator Josh Kaufman, and they feature sax by Superhuman Happiness' Stuart Bogie (who also works with Arcade Fire and others). The two new songs sound like classic Hold Steady, and the sax on "The Stove & The Toaster" is very E Street Band-ish. Check both new songs out below.

Speaking of Stay Positive, THS are about to play a tenth anniversary show for the album in Jersey City on 7/25, followed by their "Constructive Summer" runs in Asbury Park/Philly, San Francisco, and Toronto. They're promising to play their two new songs at these shows. They also just revealed some pretty exciting openers for most of the shows (Toronto and Asbury Park openers TBA).

The sold-out Stay Positive show in Jersey City is with Kevin Devine, the 7/26 Philly show is with Beach Slang, and the 7/27 Philly show is with Worriers. (Again, stay tuned for the 7/27 Asbury Park opener.) The 7/27 and 7/28 shows are sold out but you can still get a three-day pass for Asbury Park/Philly, and the 7/26 show is still on sale.

The 8/2 San Francisco show is with Culture Abuse, the 8/3 show is with The Donkeys, and the 8/4 show is with Kevin Seconds of the now-defunct 7Seconds. Nights 1 and 2 are on sale but night 3 is sold out.

In related news, Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn is touring with Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon. In other related news, Kevin Devine is releasing a split with David Bazan and touring. In other other related news, both Worriers and Culture Abuse have other upcoming tour dates too (including NYC shows).

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