Boston's boundary-pushing hardcore greats The Hope Conspiracy have announced an expanded, remastered reissue of their classic third and final album, 2006's Death Knows Your Name, due January 14 via Deathwish Inc. The reissue includes all 11 songs from the original Kurt Ballou-recorded LP, plus bonus tracks "Eurohell," which was previously only available on the band's out-of-print Hang Your Cross EP. That 65-song rips just as hard as anything on the original LP, and the remastering sounds great, as you can hear for yourself below.

The physical editions come with revamped artwork, featuring a "black on black" printing of Aaron Horkey's original art. Pre-order it here.

1. They Know Not (Remastered)
2. Deadtown Nothing (Remastered)
3. A Darkness in the Night (Remastered)
4. Animal Farm (Remastered)
5. Curse of the Oil Snakes (Remastered)
6. Hang Your Cross (Remastered)
7. Suicide Design (Remastered)
8. Leech Bloody Leech (Remastered)
9. So Many Pigs So Few Bullets (Remastered)
10. Sadistic Sacred Whore (Remastered)
11. Stolen Days (Remastered)
12. Eurohell (Bonus, Remastered)

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