Mutant punks The Intelligence are back with Lil' Peril, their first album in three years, which is out September 30 via Mt.St.Mtn. Frontman Lars Finberg describes this 11th album as going “from ‘No-Wave SANTANA’ to ‘SCREAMERS recorded by JON BRION’” and influenced by Les Paul, The Specials, Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Mary Ford. Working on his own, as many Intelligence albums been created, Finberg adds, “They may say this is ‘lo-fi’, but I say it’s ‘no-CGI’.”

You can get a taste of the Peril to come via "Keyed Beamers," which has more of an electronic feel than previous Intelligence jams (though that may be accidental), with prominent booming tom set against ticking hi-hat and deep bass, alongside signature guitar squalls and Finberg's voice, which always has a hint of paranoia to it.

"The song is about feeling futile but also 'who cares/snap out of it,' and I was trying to sing like George Harrison after watching Get Back three times," Lars tells us. "I played the drums criss-cross one-handed to hold the record button down on the raunchy sounding iPad, which is what the album is about - disavowing any sort of professionalism."

Lars notes that the "Keyed Beamers" video was inspired by Neil Young's "Wonderin'" video, saying, "My 11 year old niece who showed me how to use the stop-motion app." That premieres in this post -- watch below.


Lil' Peril:
1 Maudlin Agency
2 70's
3 Keyed Beamers
4 Purification
5 My Work Here is Dumb
6 lil’ peril
7 Frog Prints in Preset City
8 Portfolio Woes
9 soundguys

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