Today, The Internet's Patrick Paige II has announced his new solo album, If I Fail Are We Still Cool?, which will be out May 21 via Fat Possum. The album features appearances from his Internet collaborators Syd and Steve Lacy, as well as Saba, and more.

You can get an early taste via lusty new single "Whisper (Want My Love)" that features Steve Lacy, Allen Love, and Durand Bernarr, that runs on a funky groove and thick bassline. Its accompanying music video, directed by Ethan Nelson, puts the single's light-hearted and sultry energy on display.  As a bonus, when the track breaks down toward the end, another of Patrick's Internet-collaborators, Syd, makes a surprise appearance.

The album also includes "So They Say" which was released back in February. The track, backed with infectiously smooth R&B-leaning instrumentation, begins with Patrick questioning his path and filled with doubt, wondering why his hard work doesn't feel like it's paying off yet — "What if I ain't as good as I think I am? / All this gold on my neck like who do I think I am?," he ponders. As the single leads into the chorus, those musings take a more positive route, however, with Patrick noting that though he can often be the victim of dark and intrusive thoughts such as those, everything happens for a reason and he's "the captain of his own ship." Ultimately, the song serves as a humbling personal reminder to slow down and go at one's own pace, and know that the best is yet to come.

Watch the video for both tracks and check out the album's artwork and tracklist below.

Patrick Paige II If I Fail Are We Still Cool

1. Intro (Hard Times)
2. New Habits (ft. Paco)
3. Big Plays (ft. Westside McFly)
4. Curfew
5. Runway (ft. Ohana Bam)
6. 40000 Ft
7. Accountable
8. Ain’t Talkin Bout Much (ft. Syd)
9. Whisper (Want My Luv) (ft. Steve Lacy, Allen Love, Durand Bernarr)
10. Good Grace (ft. Ohana Bum)
11. So They Say
12. Who Am I
13. West Side Player S**t (ft. Westside McFly)
14. Freestyle (ft. Saba)
15. Feelin Myself (ft. Bowie)
16. Sun Up
17. Outro (Wake Up)

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