Blair Shehan's post-Knapsack band The Jealous Sound returned from hiatus in 2009 to open Sunny Day Real Estate's reunion tour and they put out their long-awaited sophomore album A Gentle Reminder in 2012. Now, The Jealous Sound are officially no more. Washed Up Emo points out that Blair and TJS drummer Bob Penn have formed a new band called Racquet Club, with Samiam/Knapsack's Sergie Loobkoff and Ian Smith. Blair writes:

Hey everybody,
I'll keep this short and sweet. The Jealous Sound has reached its conclusion. I have started a new band called Racquet Club with our drummer Bob Penn, Sergie Loobkoff, and Ian Smith. We have a finished record that will be coming out through Rise Records. We will be using this page to share upcoming announcements. Please feel free to unlike if you are so inclined.

Blair and Sergie played with the reunited Knapsack as recently as New Year's Eve.

Sergie is also still active with Samiam, who have an upcoming Jersey show on June 9 at Crossroads with Popeye from Farside opening. The show is billed as "Samiam & friends (you'll love em)." Tickets are on sale.

Speaking of Rise Records, yesterday they announced that they'll release the first Movielife album since 2003 this year.

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