While David Yow said in a Noisey interview this year, "I’m not going to be able to act like I’m 30. It wasn’t easy then, and now it’s motherfuckin’ hard," it would be hard to say The Jesus Lizard have mellowed in the 30 years since forming. On their first tour since 2009, Yow remains a total wildman, and spent more than a little time in -- and atop -- the crowd at the band's sold-out show at NYC's Irving Plaza on Sunday night (12/10). The audience responded in kind by going wild as well. They played the same set as in Chicago the night before, and you can check out the setlist and video of "Mouthbreather" from Irving Plaza below. Pictures from the night, including Show Me the Body's charged opening set, in the gallery above.

SETLIST: The Jesus Lizard @ Irving Plaza 12/10/2017 (via)
Killer McHann
Mouth Breather
Destroy Before Reading
My Own Urine
If You Had Lips
Then Comes Dudley
Blue Shot
Chrome (Chrome)
7 vs. 8
Monkey Trick
Bloody Mary
Fly on the Wall
Wheelchair Epidemic (The Dicks)
Dancing Naked Ladies


photos by P Squared

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