Emo-turned-indie-pop vets The Juliana Theory recently wrapped up a tour with Dashboard Confessional and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, and on that tour they shot footage for a new video for "Less Talk" from their Still The Same Kids Pt. 1 EP. Here's what vocalist Brett Detar says about it:

I’m smiling ear to ear just thinking about it. Now listen, I’ve seen a lot of articles and TikTok posts in the past few months from musicians talking about how difficult life on the road can be. While I'll agree that long-term, full-time touring might not be the best thing for everyone’s mental health or relationships, I also think touring can be beautiful and rewarding. I mean, like all jobs being a touring musician has its upsides and its downside but I just have to say one thing - when it’s good it can be really wonderful. I’ve been on my fair share of great tours as well as miserable ones (and everywhere in between) but when we were asked to join our friends Dashboard Confessional and Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness on the road this past summer we knew we were in for a special tour. We had history with a lot of the humans in both of these bands and had been very aware they both had reputations as class acts but when we joined up with the tour everything about it and the people on it vastly exceeded our expectations. I started the tour quite sick and honestly struggled to make it through the first couple shows but the joy, camaraderie, and love my band and I felt from every single member of the touring party (from band leaders to band members to crew) healed me quickly. In the many tours I’ve done this was the best group of people from top to bottom I've ever been on the road with. The vibes were so warm as they bounced from bands to audience and then back to the bands. I could’ve stayed on that tour for months and I wish it hadn’t ended but fortunately I now have this beautiful keepsake from it. Our guitarist Eric Espiritu had been filming all throughout this trip so after the tour ended we asked him to put together a little tour recap video - you know - one of those 30 second highlight reels. What he sent back a week or so later blew my mind. Using footage from the tour Eric put together an entire music video to the song we started our set off with - "Less Talk." He gave no warning this is what he was sending us in place of a 30 second recap video and I just could not stop smiling as I watched it back in total surprise and gratitude. Eric said "the tour was just so great I had to make something to match it" and I really think he did. He captured something we’ve had trouble getting in the past - just un-staged authentic footage of us having a blast on stage and off. It’s nice to finally have a little window into how much fun we have playing shows. Eric definitely captured a glimpse into how great tour can be when you’re surrounded by great people playing music for great people.

Check it out:

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