A legal representative for The Killers has given aa statement to BBC News responding to allegations of sexual assault against band and crew members made by Chez Stock, who toured as a sound engineer with the band in 2009.

Chez says she initially wrote the story in 2015, had it published in 2018 with the band unnamed, and then she named The Killers in a tweet on Tuesday (7/28). In her story, Chez alleges, "We were about half way through our load-in when the FOH [front of house] engineer came over radio and said, 'Hey guys, there is a girl set up in Dressing Room A. Put your name on the list outside the door with your radio channel and we'll call you when it's your turn.'" She later adds, "The security guy said, and I will never forget this moment because a piece of me died that night, 'That girl in Dressing Room A is passed out and naked. Is anyone going to take care of her?"

Chez also said in a followup tweet, "Everyone was complacent, including myself. The only band member that wasn't apart of all this shit was Brandon and he had a separate bus with his wife and kids. He wanted no part of it but there is NO WAY he didn't know this shit was going on."

In their statement to BBC news, a legal representative for the band said:

First and foremost, any allegations of inappropriate behaviour by anyone on The Killers touring team are taken extremely seriously by the band and their management.

This person's story is appalling and, while The Killers do not have the same touring crew in 2020 that they had earlier in their career, they will be conducting a thorough investigation into past and present tour staff.

Their legal team will be reaching out to this person for more information and clarity on the alleged incidents as detailed, as well as to the audio vendor who provided crew for the tour.

The band are astonished and shocked by these claims. The behaviour attributed to them and their crew is unrecognisable and in direct opposition to the principles with which they run their workplace.

Chez has since tweeted (today, 7/29), "Someone with The Killers’ management has reached out (unless it’s a fake). They’ve asked me to speak to The Killers’ lawyer. I have said yes and have requested a woman from their legal team to contact me. Is there a woman on their legal team? I don’t know but that’s what I need."

This story is developing. See more of Chez's tweets below.