KLF founders and high-concept art pranksters Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, who are currently working together under the guise of K2 Plant Hire Ltd, are erecting a pyramid in Liverpool which they're calling The People's Pyramid and which will be made of 34592 bricks. Each of those bricks will contain the ashes of a dead person, a process they've dubbed "MuMufication" and you can be a part of it:

MuMufication is the process whereby 23 grams of an individual’s ashes are fired in a brick (a Brick of Mu) and for this brick to become one of the 34,592 bricks of the People’s Pyramid. Obtain an unfired brick now and, when the time comes, Cauty and Drummond will do the rest.

Drummond and Cauty have actually been working on this idea for 20 years as you can see in a video below, though the whole ashes thing seems to be a newer part of the concept. The first 240 bricks of the People's Pyramid will be laid on what they're calling the "Toxteth Day of the Dead," on Friday, November 23. (Toxteth is an inner city area of Liverpool where the pyramid is being constructed.) Residents of Toxteth can attend the ceremony for free, but for everyone else you need to present the security staff with a full-sized grocery store shopping cart that will not be returned to you.

As part of the inaugural Toxteth Day of the Dead ceremony, Drummond and Cauty will reveal an "Unexpected Item," and 399 "living people will be enlisted on a journey to forge Toxteth Day Of The Dead traditions that will withstand the next thousand years. The 399 may be casual bystanders or they may have taken part in Welcome To The Dark Ages in August 2017."

If you're interested in eventually being MuMufied, it's £99 -- "Buy Now, Die Later" -- but K2 Plant Hire Ltd are also offering a couple Black Friday deals for Toxteth residents: if you're 80 years or older you can sign up for MuMufication for only 99p, and if you're under 23 it's £9.99.

Learn more about The People's Pyramid and MuMufication at the official website, and you can watch a promotional video below, and there are videos for the Black Friday deals at the MuMufication website.