People have been making parodies of The Knack's "My Sharona" -- rhyming it with "Corona" -- pretty much since the beginning. John Mammoser's "Nine Coronas" was a Dr. Demento staple for years, but beer with a lime may not the first thing you think of these days when you hear "corona." There have already been coronavirus "My Sharona" parodies made, but now The Knack have gotten in on it too.

Guitarist Berton Averre posted a fun video yesterday noting that this was not another parody -- "sadly our lead singer is no longer with us and, trust me, you don't want to hear me croak it out" -- but with some help from his adorable dogs Freddy and Winnie, he offers a tutorial on how to play the song's guitar solo. He also shows you how to disinfect a guitar's fretboard to the rhythm of the song, and bassist Prescott Niles joins in at the end for "Bye, Corona!" There's also a helpful, witty text crawl at the bottom with COVID-19 info and more. Watch below.

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