The Knife's Olof Dreijer has announced his first full-length since The Knife retired, a collaborative album with Mt Sims. It's titled Souvenir and will be out June 9 via Rabid Records. Here's a bit more about it:

The start of the Souvenir project dates back to when Dreijer (alongside his sister Karin as The Knife) and Sims were collaborating with Planningtorock on the Tomorrow, In A Year album. They were contacted by the organization SFOTE from Trinidad/New York, who asked them to work on a project using an original steel drum made by the father of the modern steel drum, Trinidad-based legend Ellie Mannette.

Conscious of the drum’s colonial history and the way the instrument has often been stereotypically depicted by Western artists like themselves, Dreijer and Sims thought it was important to comment on that. It took them 10 years to develop a personal language for the steel drum, and they slowly and surely formed the five tracks that make up Souvenir.

“We tried to find our own thing,” says Dreijer, who has used steel drum going back to the early days of The Knife. “That’s usually our way around using an instrument that has been heavily exoticised and appropriated.” You can check out the hypnotic "Hybrid Fruit" now.

Olof also contribute to sibling and Knife co-founder Karin Dreijer's great new new Fever Ray album, Radical Romantics.

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1. Liten Karin
2. Hybrid Fruit
3. A Vessel Of Clay
4. Breaths Of Clay
5. Across This Mud

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