Manchester duo The KVB have announced their new album, Unity, which will be out November 26 via Invada Records. The band's Kat Day and Nicholas Wood made the album with producer Andy Savours, whose background working with Black Country New Road, My Bloody Valentine and The Horrors fits right in with The KVB's icy, hazy, electro sound.

The album includes their single "World on Fire" from earlier this year, and the new single, "Unité," is another sleek, sophisticated and danceable gem. Kat and Nicholas say it's "a homage to our time living in Berlin, with the pounding kick drum and grinding electronics." The very impressive video, which incorporates the lyrics of the song into signage in a post-modern cityscape, was made by the band, and you can watch that below.


Unity tracklist
1. Sunrise Over Concrete
2. Unité
3. Unbound
4. Future
5. Blind
6. Ideal Living
7. World On Fire
8. Structural Index
9. Lumens
10. Omni

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