LA punks The Last Gang's most recent LP Noise Noise Noise came in late 2021, and since then they've played stints on tour with The Bombpops and The Bouncing Souls and played all three West Coast iterations of Punk In Drublic Fest 2022. The band have now shared a list of their favorite albums of the year, including Lizzo, The Flatliners, Ways Away, PLOSIVS, Spiritworld, and more. Read on for their picks and commentary.

The Last Gang's Favorite Albums of 2022

Lizzo - Special

We are all Lizzo fans, and what she did this year is pretty untouchable.

The Flatliners - New Ruin

The boys did it again and left us all wanting more at the end of the record. Executed perfectly is an understatement.

Marcos Vaca - Astonishment of Heart

LA indie artist who pretty much made my (Sam) favorite record of the year. Sounds so familiar, yet so new and fresh at the same time.

Ways Away - Torch Songs

A super group of incredible musicians who put out a full length of really poetic & versatile rock songs that make you want to sing your little heart out front to back.

Melted - Self Deflection

Technically it came out end of 2021, but has been a staple through our playlists all year long. Fast & melodic, Melted hits all corners on this record.

Venomous Pinks - Vita Mors

Featuring our very own Brenna Red, this album is packed full of shreddy guitars and anthemic punk songs front to back!

Spiritworld - DEATHWESTERN

Probably the heaviest, shreddiest record in the current rotation. If you don’t know this record, you’re fucking up.

Sweat - Gotta Give It Up

Sweat is in your face and full of energy front to back on this record. Definitely a band that punches you right in the face the second you start listening, and it’s a punch you really like.

Lenny Lashley's Gang of One Five Great Egrets

It’s honest, it’s real, it fucking rips!!


Swami miiiight be the greatest of all time. Combining his skills with Rob Crow is also nothing short of perfection. Killer record.

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