Ex-Superdrag psych rockers The Lees of Memory recently mentioned that they're working on a new double album, and details are now here. The album is called The Blinding White of Nothing At All, and a PledgeMusic campaign was launched for pre-orders. Here's what the band writes:

The Lees Of Memory [John Davis & Brandon Fisher (ex-Superdrag) + Nick Slack (SLACK, Epic Ditch)] have never come up short of good material. With fresh waves of inspiration breaking immediately in the wake of their sophomore effort, Unnecessary Evil, it soon became evident that the band would have no trouble filling 4 sides of vinyl on their next outing…. so that’s exactly what they’re going to do. You can follow along for the remainder of the overdubbing and mixing stages with your AccessPass…. and gain access to exclusive sights and sounds that only pledgers can see and hear (behind-the-scenes video of songs in the making, rough mixes, everything there is to know about The Blinding White Of Nothing At All!) The AccessPass comes with an immediate, high-quality download of the double album the moment it’s mastered and ready for your ears. Choose from a dazzling array of exclusives: white & handmade color variants of the 2LP, the 2CD (both available signed), signed test pressings of the album, the complete collection of John’s 4-track demos, handmade Ice And Time ice-dye shirts, the actual tracking chart from the sessions, even the cover painting will be up for grabs, along with 5 commissioned John Davis original paintings of the image of your choice. Buy the ticket and take the ride with 25 new tracks from The Lees Of Memory, each one packed with heart and soul.

Along with the announcement comes a rough mix of new song "Blue As The Moon." As The Lees hinted on their recent 7", they're diving even head-first into '60s-style psychedelia with the new material, compared to the Superdrag-y power pop of Unnecessary Evil and the MBV-ish shoegaze of Sisyphus Says. This new song's a sitar-led dose of raga rock that would make George Harrison proud. Listen below.