Former Superdrag frontman John Davis and guitarist Brandon Fisher's current band The Lees of Memory launched a PledgeMusic pre-order campaign earlier this year for their second album Unnecessary Evil, which is out now. You can pick it up on vinyl/CD from PledgeMusic, on cassette from Burger Records, or digitally via iTunes. It isn't streaming online anywhere at the moment, but if you want another taste of it before you buy, we've got the stream of opening track "Any Way But Down." Like lead single "Squared Up" hinted, this album's a departure from the shoegaze of their 2014 debut album Sisyphus Says. "Squared Up" had them dabbling in psychedelia, and "Any Way But Down" is closer to the crunchy power pop Superdrag made on Regretfully Yours and In the Valley of Dying Stars. The sounds of '90s indie rock are of course back in a very big way, and there's nothing like when an artist who mastered this sound in the '90s continues to excel at it. Listen below.


Lees of Memory

01 Any Way But Down
02 No Power
04 Stay Down
05 Just For A Moment
06 Unnecessary Evil
07 Artificial Air
08 The End Of The Day
09 Squared Up
10 Look Away

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