The Lees of Memory -- the current band of Superdrag frontman John Davis and guitarist Brandon Fisher (with Nick Slack from post-Superdrag band Epic Ditch) -- will release a followup to their 2017 double album The Blinding White of Nothing At All this year. It's called Moon Shot and it comes out digitally this Friday (7/3) alongside pre-orders for the vinyl, CD, and cassette versions. Ahead of the release, we're premiering opening track "Lonely Everywhere" and its video.

The Blinding White of Nothing At All was neck-deep in '60s psychedelia, and "Lonely Everywhere" reels things in a bit, returning to the crunchy power pop of Superdrag's early days but also adding in some Revolver sneer and some Pet Sounds harmonies. It's a near-seamless fusion of the '60s and the '90s, and it should come as no surprise that The Lees pull this off so well. The video was shot by the individual band members in quarantine and edited together by Adam Jones.

Here's what John tells us about the new album:

I co-produced it with Nick Raskulinecz, in what was then the location of his Rock Falcon studio (he's since moved to a different location, where he claims the drum room is even better... but that's hard for me to imagine), one of the last original temples of sound left standing on Music Row... it was built in 1968, then Roy Orbison (!!!) owned it in the '70s. Just a classic Nashville recording room. We've made a bunch of records with Nick over the years--including the first-ever Superdrag demos that wound up on our first two 7"s--but his powers just keep magnifying; he is an actual wizard now. He mixed the album at his dining table while quarantined. I recently converted to ProTools; the overdubs had to be finished from here, and when I turned in my work drive, I never even entered the studio... it was all zero-contact. What a strange feeling that was. Brandon and myself co-wrote two of the tracks, including "Drift Into A Dream," which might be one of my favorite things we've ever done. I think this is our best work yet.

And specifically about the new song and video, he adds:

I had been writing kind of a nebulous cloud of songs in a bunch of different styles for what turned out to be three or four other projects that are currently still in various stages of development, but when I wrote the song "Lonely Everywhere," that was when I knew I had started to write the next Lees' album. It was the natural opener.

The video was edited together by Adam Jones from clips we filmed ourselves. Didn't have much choice but to do it that way.

Check out the new song/video below.