The Legends, aka Labrador Records head Johan Angergård (also of Club 8, Acid House Kings, and many others), will release new album Nightshift on April 22. The album includes The Legends' recent singles "Cocaine," "Summer In The City (Living Is For Somebody Else)" and their cover of Chainsmokers' "Roses." It also continues Angergård's fascination with vocoder and light synthpop. Lyrically, though, the forecast is cloudier. "With people like Trump, Putin, and Jinping ruling and ruining the world I need this creative outlet more than ever," says Angergård. "I don’t know if it’s a happy album… it’s more of an ‘eat-your-SSRIs-and-try-to-enjoy-yourself-FFS!’ kind of record."

We've got the premiere of Nightshift's new single, "Cash," a neon-tinged electropop jam about the stuff that makes the world go round. Have a listen, and check out the LP's artwork and tracklist, below.

The Legends - Nightshift tracklist
There Is A Light That Soon Goes Out
Summer In The City (Living Is For Somebody Else)
Riding The Waves
In Love With Myself
Say what?
Space Jam
The Phone Call
Midnight Sun
City Lights