Following "Summer in the City," The Legends have just released another new single, a perhaps unlikely one for the Swedish indiepop band -- a cover of The Chainsmokers' Top 10 hit "Roses." Says Johan Angergård, who is The Legends (and runs cool Swedish label Labrador):

This is the first cover I’ve ever recorded. I really like the track, but I wanted to hear what would come out of it if it was presented in a completely different setting. I read in an interview with Chainsmokers that they wanted to make it super authentic. My take is the complete opposite. I love the combination of something that sounds fragile and naked and artificial at the same time. That’s where I took ”Roses."

Still in his vocoder/autotune phase, Angergård deflates some of the anthemicism of the original "Roses" while adding a few subtle thorns. The song makes its premiere in this post and you can listen below.

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