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While searching for info on that Homosexuals show, I realized that tonight is the first night of a 'festival' going on at Trash Bar in Williamsburg. Full press release below.....


Williamsburg Brooklyn rock institution celebrates 4 year anniversary with 4 record set, 16 bands, and Valient Thorr sneak peek

New York, NY - Williamsburg, Brooklyn's rock and roll landmark The Trash Bar is celebrating it's 4 year anniversary by recording a live album featuring 16 of the club's favorite New York rock and punk acts. The "Live At The Trash Bar Festival" takes place June 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2008. "We're building a full on recording studio in the downstairs
lounge of the club to tape the shows," says Nick Vivid, CEO of MegaPlatinum Entertainment, who is releasing the 4 record 7 inch vinyl set in the fall. "This club is carrying on the tradition of places like CBGB and Continental in NYC - places that aren't with us anymore. But the movement hasn't slowed down. It's merely moved to the other side of the East River." The concept was to create a document of the club that can live on forever. "This place has become so special to so many people in such a short amount of time and that's why we're doing this," says Nick.

Notable acts that will grace the stage include NY Punk Icons The Bullys and The Everyothers, as well as newer bands like The Electric Shadows, The Ex-humans, Chumley, and The Naked Heroes. British art punk DIY legends The Homosexuals are also headlining one of the nights. "Bruno Wizard from The Homosexuals spends more time in New York than London these days, so I thought it would be fitting to have him there representing what's been happening on the other side of the pond," says Nick. "All in all, it's a solid lineup every night from front to back. All my favorite bands are playing. I couldn't be more proud of what we've been able to put together."

In addition to the acts playing, special guest DJ's including DJ Mojo
(immortalized on wax by The Beastie Boys) and Steven Blush (author of American Hardcore and American Hair Metal), as well as notable NYC rock and punk producer Dean Rispler, will be spinning tracks between the bands. MegaPlatinum Entertainment is also filming the entire event in high definition with several cameras.

As an extra added bonus, Valient Thorr, longtime favorites of The Trash Bar, have sent the club a copy of their new CD "Immortalizer", which comes out June 16th, giving their NYC fans (a.k.a. Thorriors) a chance to hear it for the first time during this 3 day event before it's released. Thorr's record label, Volcom Entertainment, has sent a slew of prizes and giveaways to award to patrons of the event.

The "Live At The Trash Bar Festival" promises to capture the excitement, enthusiasm, and aesthetic of the New York rock and punk scene in 2008 from the bands that make it happen, and in the one club in New York that properly showcases their live performances on a nightly basis.

Advance tickets are available at and you can learn more about the festival at

Full Lineup:

Wed June 4 - $6 admission
Electric Shadows, Ex-humans, Cathy, Soft Black, Girls Like Cigarettes

Thurs June 5th - $6 admission
The Homosexuals, The Everyothers, The Bullys, Kissy Kamikaze, The Rats,
Karen Curious

Fri June 6th - $7 admission
The Nick Vivid Effect, The Naked Heroes, Super Potent Death Baby,
Chumley, One Last Shot

Doors/Shows start at 8 pm each night. 21+ to enter w/valid ID. Oh, and there's an open bar from 8-9 each night. You might want to get there early to partake.

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