LA-area music festival Desert Daze just added more artists to its 2019 lineup, including the great, spastic, genre-defying hardcore band The Locust, for whom this is their first-announced show in four years. They returned from hiatus in 2013, but haven't played since 2015, though members have been busy with several other projects in the time since.

We asked bassist/co-vocalist Justin Pearson if the band plans to add more shows after this, and he replied, "We do plan to play more, and function as a normal band again, with new material, and new uniforms as well. I guess the world is getting more and more fucked up, so we need to do our part to set things straight." Exciting news! Stay tuned for more announcements. If they do a new album, it'd be their first since 2007's New Erections.

Meanwhile, two Locust-related bands, Planet B and INUS, have a San Diego show together this weekend (8/11) with Qui.

Watch a video from when The Locust last returned and played Fun Fun Fun Fest:

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