The latest guest on Justin Pearson (The Locust, Retox, Dead Cross, etc) and his Planet B bandmate Luke Henshaw's podcast Cult and Culture is veteran Brooklyn noise band Black Dice, who have played with several of Justin's bands over the years and who put out a 7" & book on Justin's Three One G label back in 2001. The synopsis reads:

Cult & Culture’s 17th episode features Black Dice, a band that has undergone transformation over its 25 years in existence from a frightening hardcore band whose dangerous reputation preceded them to an electronic style that still has its teeth but with a different approach. The band reflects on the opportunities they’ve had while at the same time not quite ever fitting into any one scene. They discuss the gear they use, their musical comrades, the similarities between The Grateful Dead and Fugazi or Black Flag, seedy times in Los Angeles and NYC, touring memories, and more.

It's an hour-long chat, and it's a treat to hear these fellow noise lifers and longtime friends catch up and reflect on shared memories from back in the day. Listen below...

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