The Mae Shi

HELLO. we are still getting this ready before we head out to SXSW. we will be able to add video, pictures, and tons of awesome things from the upcoming tours to come. please bear with us for the next couple days while we iron out the look of this blog.


Tues March 11 / 9pm @ The Whitis House / FREE / All Ages
2710 Whitis
The Mae Shi, Mammoth Grinder, Scotland Yard sale

Wed March 12 / 1:15pm @ Fader Fort / FREE / All Ages
204 E 4th Street (Btw Brazos & San Jacinto Blvd)
The Mae Shi, TBA

Wed March 12 / 3:45 pm @ Emo's Main Room / FREE / All Ages
603 Red River Street
The Blow, Why? The Mae Shi, The Raveonettes, Yacht, These New Puritans, Evangelicals, These United States, El Guincho

Wed March 12 / 5:30 pm @ The Parlor / FREE / All Ages
100 B East North Loop
The Mae Shi, Crime Novels, Make A Rising, Daniel Francis Doyle, Mittens On Strings

Wed March 12 / 9pm @ Solar Stage At Counter Cafe / FREE / All Ages
626 N Lamar Blvd
Kelley Stoltz, Say Hi To Your Mom, DD/MM/YYYY, Team Robespierre, TBA

Wed March 12 / 11pm @ The Mohawk / FREE / All Ages
912 Red River Street
CAKESHOP Presents:
Crystal Stilts, Air Waves, Kirsten Ketser, The Mae Shi, Tyvek, Children

Thu March 13 / 11:30am @ Emo's Lounge / FREE / All Ages
603 Red River Street
Clipd Beaks, Ghengis Tron, Parts & Labor, The Mae Shi, Team Robbersphiere, The Ting Tings, Muggabears

Thu March 13 / 2:30pm @ Lucky Lounge / FREE / 21+
209 W 5th Street
The Mae Shi, The Pity Party, Mezzanine Owls, The Henry Clay People, Wallpaper, Division Day, Daniel Lanois, The Deadly Syndrome

Thu March 13 / 8pm @ Ms. Beas / FREE / All Ages
1104 East 6th Street
TODD P Patio Party:
Todosantos, Ra Ra Riot, Totally Michael, The Mae Shi, Best Friends Forever, Kirsten Ketsjer, Ponytail, Hey Willpower, Vivian Girls, This Bike Is A Pipebomb, Golden Error, Die! Die! Die!, The Pharmacy, The Carrots, The Muslims, Yellow Fever, DD/MM/YYYY, Total Abuse, The So So Glos, The Strange Boys

Thu March 13 / 10pm @ The Whiskey (Front Room) / RSVP / 21+
303 W 5th Street
Lax, The Organge, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, The Mae Shi, Burning Hotels, Otis, People Noise, Via Audio, The Silent Years, Tacks The Boy Disaster
RSVP Here:

Thu March 13 / 12am @ Austin Children's Museum / FREE / All Ages
201 Colorado Street
KVRX Afterparty:
Crystal Castles, Crime Novels, The Mae Shi, Mammoth Grinder, Mika Miko, Lucky Dragons, Indian Jewelry, Clipd Beaks, Knyfe Hyts, Best Fwends
RSVP Here:

Fri March 14 @ The Opera House / FREE / All Ages
2209 K South 1st Street
THE SMELL presents:

Mika Miko, Foot Village, Kevin Shields, Devon Williams, Ima Gymnist, Magic Johnson, Friends Forever, KIT, ferveur noire, Nero's day at disneyland, Anavan, Yatagarsu/Hexcrusher, Lisa Cameron/ venison whirled, Douglas Ferguson, Mistress, Aunt's Analog

Fri March 14 / 4:30pm @ Historic Victory Grill / RSVP / All Ages
1104 E 11th Street
Coconut Muslims, The Mae Shi, Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda, Sebastian Grainger, Fuck Buttons, The Death Set, Matt & Kim

Fri March 14 / 7pm @ Spider House Cafe / FREE / All Ages
2908 Fruth Street
The Mae Shi, TVA

Fri March 14 / 1:10am @ Flamingo Cantina / FREE / 21+
515 E 6th Street (Load In As Close To 6pm As Possible)
Health, The Mae Shi, Old Time Relijun, Clipd Beaks, RTX & The Apes

Sat March 15 / 2pm @ West's / FREE / All Ages
408 Josephine Street
HIGHER PR Presents:
Nrsz, Sssspectres, Kit, The Mae Shi, Scary Mansion, Grouper & Inca Ore, Gowns, Oh Sees

Sat March 15 / 5pm @ The Pedernales Lofts Courtyard / FREE / All Ages
SHINY OBJECT & BUTLER BROS Present "Bring Your Own Chair":
2401 E 6th Street
Matt The Electrician, Petty Booka, Beaumont Lagrange, Brownout, Foot Patrol

Sun March 16 / 5:30pm@ Beerland / FREE / 21+
711 1/2 Red River
The Mae Shi, Monotonix, Mika Miko, CPC Gangbangers, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, An Albatross, The Apes, The Show Is The Rainbow, Best Fwends, Finally Punk, Crime Novels
Thu March 13 / 9pm @ Jellynyc Texas Garage / RSVP / 21+

and Bark Bark Bark has 1 show at SXSW:

No Age, Phosphorescent, O' Death, Team Robespierre, Mika Miko, These Are Powers, Bark Bark Bark (Rooftop Poolside Show), AA Bondy, Deer Tick, lucky Dragons, And DJ Michael Leviton
RSVP Here:

The Mae Shi - 2008 Tour Dates (another way to look at it)
Mar 11 - whitis house austin
Mar 12 - the fader/levis fort austin, TX
Mar 12 - EMOs [Terrorbird Party] Austin, TX
Mar 12 - The Parlor Austin, TX
Mar 12 - solar stage austin, TX
Mar 12 - he mohawk (cakeshop showcase) austin, TX
Mar 13 - emo's lounge (brooklynveganparty) austin
Mar 13 - lucky lounge (LA independant media/spaceland) austin, TX
Mar 13 - ms. bea's (todd p patio party) austin
Mar 13 - The Whiskey Austin, TX
Mar 13 - Children's Museum (kvrx after PARTY) Austin, TX
Mar 14 - the opera house (smell party) austin, Texas
Mar 14 - Victory Grill (Vice Party) Austin, TX
Mar 14 - spiderhouse austin, TX
Mar 14 - Flamingo Cantina (Panache Showcase) Austin, TX
Mar 15 - Wests Wine Art Music (Higher PR showcase) austin, TX
Mar 15 - Tfssinbhe Pe$%^nales Lohus in the cou@$&ard dreamon, TX
Mar 16 - beerland (panache party) Austin, TX
Mar 21 - Knitting Factory w/ RTX, Bad Dudes Los Angeles

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