In the 16 years they've been a band, The Marked Men have earned a cult-like following, influenced tons of bands, and have had members form a handful of other killer, beloved bands (including but not limited to Radioactivity, Mind Spiders, and Lost Balloons). As far as underground melodic punk goes, the singing/songwriting team of Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke is the stuff of legend.

The Marked Men haven't released a new album since 2009's ripping Ghosts, and though they do still play live, their shows are few and far between. But now, they're set to release a compilation of non-LP tracks, including two never-before-heard songs, and Dirtnap Records says "this compilation is as close to a new album as you’re going to get." (The label adds that the band "have no plans" to make another record, but "we would love to be proven wrong on that." As would we!) The compilation is called On the Other Side and it comes out November 23 via Dirtnap. We've got the stream of "Nothing's Changed," which was originally only available as a limited single. If you haven't heard the song, it's very worth giving it a spin. It's as good an example as any of The Marked Men's ability to combine sugar-sweet melodies with raw, driving punk. Check out the full tracklist below too.

No live dates announced for Marked Men at the moment, but Radioactivity are playing some shows with Night Birds, including Brooklyn's Market Hotel on Friday (10/19) (tickets).

1. She Won’t Know
2. Nothing’s Changed
3. On
4. The Other Side
5. Too Pretty To Fuck
6. Whip Myself
7. Lost It All
8. Oh My Pretty Face
9. Like Robots
10. Wait Here Wait For You
11. I Can’t Be Good
12. Nothing Worthwhile
13. Settle Down
14. That Kid
15. Disappear
16. Go Cry

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