Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney met with Tim Kerr and told him how much they liked his band, Posion 13. At the time, Posion 13 had a batch of unrecorded songs. Kerr invited Arm and Turner to collaborate on on the unrecorded material and Monkeywrench was born.

The above bio is from the Sub Pop artist page on The Monkeywrench, the Seattle/Austin supergroup formed in 1990 with Tim Kerr of Austin punk vets Big Boys (and Poison 13), members of Mudhoney (including Mark Arm), Gas Huffer, and Lubricated Goat. They were supposed to be on that Drive Like Jehu-curated ATP and play a London show with The Gories while they were in the UK, but both shows were cancelled. Instead, they ended up playing their first show in 15 years in Seattle this past April. You can check out pictures from that show here and here.

Luckily, that Seattle show isn't all. They're keeping the reunion going and playing the just-announced Sound On Sound Fest (aka the new FFF), which happens just outside of Austin this November. "Sound on Sound" (and "Fun Fun Fun") are actually both named after Big Boys songs (and Tim Kerr has played Big Boys music at FFF before), so the Monkeywrench reunion hitting SOS Fest is only right. Check out the full lineup here and get tickets here.

Monkeywrench's last album Gabriel's Horn was recorded in 2000 but not released until 2008. Stream a track off of that: