The Mountain Goats in Chicago in 2012 (more by Sara Pieper)
Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats's 2012 album, Transcendental Youth is not too far in their rear view mirror, and they'll be continuing to support it in 2013 with the "Tuttlingen Warriors Tour." For it, John Darnielle and fellow Mountain Goat Peter Hughes will be playing a duo, somewhat like what Darnielle and Jon Wurster did at Carnegie Hall in January, and like they used to do earlier in the Mountain Goats' career. The tour is with their friends The Baptist Generals, who are releasing their new album, Jackleg Devotional to the Heart, on May 21 via Sub Pop.

They're also making a point to play cities they haven't been to in a while (or ever) like Hoboken, where they will play Maxwell's on June 5. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (4/12) at noon.

All dates are listed, along with a letter from John Darnielle about the tour and a video from the recent Carnegie Hall show, below...


The Mountain Goats - "This Year" at Carnegie Hall - 1/15/13

OK so last year we get this offer to play a festival in Bialystok, Poland, and I get extremely amped for it because you know how when you're in high school you land on something to get into and it's your personal secret deal? One of mine was Polish poetry, especially Tadeusz Różewicz but also Alexsander Wat and Miron Białoszewski (who wrote one of my favorite poems of all time) and also Anna Swir. So I'm very excited about this offer to go Poland, but Wurster can't make it, either because he's touring with another band or because he refuses to perform in a country which has never won an Olympic gold medal in basketball, I forget which, and I don't want to go alone, because going to a new place is just more fun with your bandmates, bands are families, not the bad kind of family, really bands are the intersection of sitcoms and tableaux vivants, I will elaborate further on this theory at a future date. So we played a John-and-Peter duo set for the first time in a long time -- I think maybe since 2006, possibly 2007.

It was really cool: the duo set was how we lived from 2001-2007. On the Transcendental Youth tour last year we started structuring the set for a little duo space on either side of a solo section in the middle, playing "It Froze Me" and sometimes "Jenny" with just me and Peter on one side of the set-break and "Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace" with just me and Wurster on the other. Then, in January of this year, Wurster and I played a few songs in New York and again it was way cool, and I got all chin-strokey thinkin' about "oh yes, the dynamics of a duo vs. a trio vs. a quartet, the particular qualities inherent to various arrangements," etc., I like to think about stuff like that and in those sorts of terms, I am a record collector and music nerd, that is how we operate.

Peter and I toured our asses off back in the pre-trio days, but that was before our ascent to the absolute upper echelon of global media saturation. We are pleased to report that a year-plus worth of talking about touring the Mountain Goats in alternate configurations to all-ages rooms is yielding its first fruits this June, in the form of the TUTTLINGEN WARRIORS TOUR 2013, whose name is an inside joke, I'll tell you about it between songs at some point during the tour, I have too much else still to cover here to get into it right now. We're bringing out the Baptist Generals, one of our favorite bands, who have a new album coming out -- their first in years -- and for Peter and I this is a huge event, like on an "unheard post-Marquee Moon pre-Adventure Television album discovered" level: some bands you know will someday get the acclaim that's due them and this is one of them. Their new album is so deeply moving I'm not even going to get into it right now, here, try this, see what I mean, are you enjoying the continuing effects of José Saramago on my use of the comma, I hope so because I can no longer help it.

We're hitting several places we haven't been before and some we haven't managed to get back to in years (what's up Hoboken), and yes, in case you missed it in the avalanche of dependent clauses above: all dates are all-ages. All of them. Hell yes, I say, it's about time, sorry it took so long. I have been squirreled away cobbling together a master setlist through the early months of this year (will we be attempting "Fall of the Star High School Running Back"? signs point to "yes") and Peter and I will be getting into rehearsal sometime this month, where I look forward to hearing "no, John, that's not how you played it on the tape" at least once and realistically more times than once.

I'll have more news on stuff soon but let's face facts, we're pushing up against a thousand words here, the trend of the times is toward brevity, don't tell JD that he'll cry. Peter and I will be rocking the cities you see in the yellow post-it to your right this June and we hope to see you there; if you follow a link and the tickets aren't on sale yet, don't panic, they should be up by later this week at the latest. Also don't panic under other circumstances if you can help it, panic is seldom a helpful or pleasant emotional state, unless you happen to be writing a piece called "What I Look Like When I Panic," then maybe OK. The Darnielle-and-Wurster duo tour is presently unscheduled, but will, when it arrives, include a Q & A about the lesser-known works of Bob Ezrin, so be sure to dust off your copies of Steve Hunter's Swept Away. Bonus points if you can hum the title track without looking it up. I don't know what, if anything, you can actually use the bonus points for, but this, too, will be addressed at a future date.

The Mountain Goats -- 2013 Tour Dates
May 1 - Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
June 3 - 9:30 Club, Washington, DC
June 4 - Strand- Capitol Performing Arts, York, PA
June 5 - Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ
June 7 - Center Church on the Green, New Haven, CT
June 8 - Port City Music Hall, Portland, ME
June 9 - Higher Ground Ballroom, South Burlington, VT
June 11 - Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead, Munhall, PA
June 12 - Majestic Theatre , Detroit, MI
June 14 - Taft Ballroom, Cincinnatti, OH
June 15 - Buskirk- Chumley Theatre, Bloomington, IN
June 16 - Space, Evanston, IL
June 17 - Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL
June 19 - The Record Bar, Kansas City, MO
June 20 - Old Rock House, St Louis, MO
June 22 - The Bottletree, Birmingham, AL
June 23 - High Dive, Gainesville, FL
June 24 - Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
June 26 - The Charleston Pourhouse , Charleston, SC
June 27 - New Brookland Tavern, West Columbia, SC
June 28 - The Soapbox , Wilmington, NC
July 26-28 - Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI
September 13-16 - Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival, Miami, FL