Ever since the whole Four Seasons Total Landscaping fiasco happened concurrently with Biden winning the election, many have hoped for for some in-depth investigative journalism to shed some light on how Rudy Giuliani ended up holding a Trump campaign press conference in a parking lot on a desolate block of Philadelphia near an adult book store and a crematorium. While we wait for that to be made, comedian John Hodgman has made a trailer for the so-far nonexistent HBO Documentary Films 215-part series on it, featuring original music by The Mountain Goats.

It stemmed from both New York Magazine writer Craig Jenkins and former Mystery Science Theater 3000 writer/star Bill Corbett on Saturday joking on Twitter that "Four Seasons Total Landscaping" sounded like the title of a Mountain Goats song. Noted Mountain Goats fan/friend Hodgman got tagged -- he replied "Sounds legit to me" and then tagged the band. Frontman John Darnielle joined in the conversation, saying, "two songs I never finished would probably incorporate this location: 'Shot, Repeatedly, At Close Range, In the Chest, By Your Love' and its companion piece, 'Shot Dead in Northern New Jersey.'"

On Wednesday, John Hodgman posted the trailer, which may or may not consist mostly of Yelp searches, but definitely features a theme songs written just for it by The Mountain Goats. You can watch that below.

Meanwhile: Tim Heidecker also wrote a song about Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

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