The Network, who are not so secretly Green Day (but like to pretend they aren't), have released a new EP featuring four songs with such titles as "Ivankkka Is A Nazi" and "Flat Earth." They're also expected to follow it with a full-length album called Money Money 2020 Part II: Told Ya So! on December 4.

"Back in 2003 we, The Network, warned mankind of the fate they would meet in the year 2020," a message on their Twitter reads. "To no surprise 2020 is upon us and it looks exactly as our prophecy predicted. As one final warning on December 4th 2020 we will release "Money Money 2020 Pt II: We Told Ya So! We are at Threat Level Midnight."

Fink, Z, The Snoo, Captain Underpants, Van Gough, and Baldacci of The Network, who insist they "had often been mistaken as the planet’s greatest rock & roll band, Green Day," also shared this statement:

After our mercurial rise and the foundation of the Church of Lushotology, we have seen riches beyond imagination, thus we abandoned the doldrums of stardom and focused our efforts on time travel and the salvation of things beyond the human grasp. Within our travels through both time and space we have seen the futures foretold in the prophecy, and it is both disastrous and hilarious! Beyond these interstellar crossroads lie parallel dimensions where the oxymorons can create their own destiny! Choose wisely, for the devolution of man has always been a choice. The release of Money Money 2020 Part II: Told Ya So! will serve as the final lesson! Within the binary codes of this album exist the keys to our past, present, and future DNA! The Gods are laughing and it’s up to you to prove them wrong… You’re welcome…

Warner Records, who, of course, are also the home of Green Day, welcomed The Network to the label earlier this month, saying, with a wink, "It’s not everyday you have the honor of signing Green Day’s biggest nemesis."