Brooklyn's austere, baroque The New Lines are back with their third album, Love and Cannibalism, which is out Friday, December 2 via Feral Child. With Hewson Chen's other band, Lake Ruth, also mining krautrock and Broadcast-y territory, he takes The New Lines in a more jangly pop direction a la The Byrds, or maybe The Clientele, though he hasn't put the harpsichord and analog synths in storage just yet. Lyrically, the record was concieved as "a series of vignettes concerning a child mourning the death of a companion; the child's fantasy about reviving the dead; and a series of hallucinogenic visions on religious strife and the order of the universe resulting from the child's nascent forays into the occult." We're premiering a stream of the whole album and you can listen, and watch the video for "Weatherman's Apology," below.

No live dates for The New Lines at the moment. Stay tuned.


The New Lines - Love and Cannibalism tracklist:
1 - In Which a Child Consults the Occult to Revive his Dead Cat 1
2 - Weatherman's Apology
3 - Mass Observation
4 - Ventriloquism
5 - Cayetano's Prayer
6 - The Phylactery's Lesson
7 - In Which a Child Consults the Occult to Revive his Dead Cat 2
8 - Because No One Knows
9 - It's Not All in your Head
10 - Love and Cannibalism
11 - Cayetano's Answer
12 - Johnny Appleseed
13 - The Fateful Exposition of Captain Socko