The New Pornographers
have shared the title track from their upcoming album Whiteout Conditions. Beginning with an icy synth and galloping drums, it's a vibe we've never heard before from Carl, Neko and the rest of the least till the harmonious chorus hits. Listen to that below.

Whiteout Conditions will be out April 7 via Concord. For those concerned about the distinct and total lack of Dan Bejar on the new album, Carl Newman told Stereogum he's still in the band, they just couldn't make it work, logistically, this time:

I was talking to him about what I wanted to do [with this record], and I think I told him, “I see it as being a bubblegum krautrock record.” Talking about the songs being 160BPM. He was talking to me and saying that all the songs he was writing were weird, quiet songs, and he was right in the middle of doing a Destroyer record. Which was something we’d narrowly skirted for our whole career. I’m always amazed that we managed to. Sometimes we avoided Destroyer, sometimes Destroyer avoided us, but eventually we hit at the same time. It wasn’t anything weird. We were just in Vancouver rehearsing and I’d go up and hang out with Dan. It’s not like anything’s really changed between us. It’s always the way it’s been. When we made Mass Romantic, we really didn’t know we were going to make another record. If nobody had paid attention, it’s possible we wouldn’t have, because it was hard to get that one done. When nobody’s asking for it…it’s hard to do something when you’re just doing it for yourself as a labor of love. The economics kicked in. If people wanna hear it, we’ll make it.

The New Pornographers are touring with Waxahatchee and will play NYC's April 26 at Terminal 5. Tickets  are still available.


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