German band The Notwist have announced new album Vertigo Days which will be out January 29 via Morr Music. The album finds core members Markus and Micha Acher and Cico Beck collaborating with a variety of musicians, including Juana Molina, Ben LaMar Gay, Angel Bat Dawid, Saya of Tenniscoats, and Zayaendo. "We wanted to question the concept of a band by adding other voices and ideas, other languages, and also question or blur the idea of national identity,” says Markus.

The album has been constructed as one long suite, with songs flowing into one another. Markus says it's "more like one long poem." The new single from the record is "Where You Find Me," a moody downtempo song that you could imagine nestling into Neon Golden's tracklist. You can listen to that, and a few other songs off the album, below.

notwist vertigo days

The Notwist - Vertigo Days tracklist:
1. Al Norte
2. Into Love / Stars
3. Exit Strategy To Myself
4. Where You Find Me
5. Ship (feat. Saya)
6. Loose Ends 05:31
7. Into The Ice Age (feat. Angel Bat Dawid)
8. Oh Sweet Fire (feat. Ben LaMar Gay)
9. Ghost
10. Sans Soleil
11. Night‘s Too Dark
12. *stars*
13. Al Sur (feat. Juana Molina)
14. Into Love Again (feat. Zayaendo)

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