The Notwist are back with their first new music in six years. The band say an album is in the works, but first is a three-song 10" EP, Ship, which will be out August 20 via German label Morr Music. The band's last album was Close to the Glass which came out in the U.S. on Sub Pop.

The first single is Ship's title track, and its a collaboration with Tenniscoats singer Saya. Opening with an arpeggiated, throbbing synth line, "Ship" feels like it could turn into a techno version of novelty hit "Popcorn" but then the timbales kick in and the song takes on more of a dubby, krautrock vibe. Cool track, and you can listen to that below.

Meanwhile, Saya and The Notwist's Markus and Cico. released Mirage Mirage -- an album of ambient, glitchy folk -- this year under the name Spirit Fest. You can stream that below too.

the notwist ship ep

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