The Nude Party will release their second album, Midnight Manor, on October 2 via New West Records. The band recorded the record live-to-tape over six days at the Outlier Inn in upstate New York, and it was mixed by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Kurt Vile).

We've got the premiere of "What's The Deal?" which sounds like a cross section of 1967 hitting the Stones, Velvet Underground and more, but its raucous vibe belies more serious themes. "I was watching a loved one’s mind slowly depart from her brain, year by year," says the band's Patton Magee. "Leaving just scattered fragments of memories and faces. All the mirror-neurons in my head were going haywire, trying to duplicate how it feels to lose your grip on everything. 'What’s The Deal' is trying to make sense of that weird contract forced on us between getting here and going."

Listen to "What's The Deal?" and check out the album art, tracklist and a few other songs off the album, below.

The Nude Party Midnight Manor tracklist
1. Lonely Heather
2. Pardon Me, Satan
3. Cure Is You
4. Easier Said Than Done
5. Shine Your Light
6. What’s The Deal?
7. Cities
8. Thirsty Drinking Blues
9. Time Moves On
10. Judith
11. Things Fall Apart
12. Nashville Record Co.