Thomas Oronato & Michael T

It was a Halloween disaster of sorts. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of costumed hipsters were left homeless for a time last night when the NYPD shut down the Roxy. The Motherfucker crew was forced to move the party last minute to the much smaller, but more conveniently located, Delancey bar on the Lower East Side. Luckily I got a phone call before making the trek above 14th Street.

Halloween Mofo

"...Arrival early at the Roxy only to find couple of people in front, a police car with the flashlights, and some legal papers taped to the closed club. Roxy's just been closed by the cops as per legal order from a judge. I ask the cop about it, it tells me the place went bankrupt, other people suggest the Roxy lost it liquor licence. 'The Roxy's closed indefinitly', 'the Roxy's court date for reopening is Thursday, ... who knows. The only sure thing is that Motherfucker will not happen at Roxy. As people arrive, the word spread the party's been relocated to Delancey Lounge in the L.E.S. ... " [Queens, Freaks, and a Thumping Bass: Justine in New York]

I didn't go to the Delancey, but Bronques did. More of his photos at Last Night's Party.