As mentioned, doom legends The Obsessed are releasing an expanded edition of their long-out-of-print rarities compilation Incarnate, titled Incarnate Ultimate Edition, for the Record Store Day drop on October 24 via Blues Funeral Recordings. While you wait for that to come out, we've got the stream of one of the album's rarities, "Mental Kingdom." The song was originally recorded for the band's 1984 demo Concrete Cancer (and included on the 2017 expanded reissue of The Obsessed's self-titled album), but this remastered version sounds a lot bigger and fuller than that demo version, and it's a great example of this band's time-tested ability to dish out thunderous, melodic doom.

Wino says:

For me, playing music professionally has always been a labor of love. Refusing to sell out, crafting songs and musical soundscapes is my art. There cannot be a compromise of artistic vision. With relationships and life in general, compromise is necessary, but compromising my art only crosses my mind when describing my philosophy here.

I was given a gift and so I have responsibilities, to carry the torch, if you will, to illuminate the underground pathway that lies ahead and away from the mundane and banal music that some call pop or whatever.

I could not achieve these ideals without heroes with like minds and similar values. So I would like to say thanks to Jadd Shickler and Blues Funeral for believing in the power of this music, and believing in me, and re-releasing this amalgamation of sounds for your listening pleasure.

This is a compilation of outtakes, singles and demo versions of songs that made later albums... or not. Jadd told me that THIS record is what got him into my stuff, THE OBSESSED, SPIRIT CARAVAN, THE HIDDEN HAND, etc., and so we're happy to offer the fans and listeners a special revamped version. Thanks to all who believe!!!

Listen and check out the full tracklist:

01 Yen Sleep
02 Concrete Cancer
03 Peckerwood Stomp
04 Inside Looking Out
05 Mental Kingdom
06 Sodden Jackal
07 Iron & Stone
08 Indestroy
09 Mourning
10 Spirit Caravan
11 Skybone
12 On The Hunt
13 No Blame
14 Neatz Brigade
15 Hiding Mask
16 Streetside
17 Climate Of Despair
18 Decimation
19 Fears Machine
20 Field Of Hours


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