We told you that Scott "Wino" Weinrich was taking some time off from his main gig as the frontman of doom legends Saint Vitus in order to work with his even older doom band The Obsessed. Now, after touring with The Atomic Bitchwax, we're starting to see the fruits of that labor, as The Obsessed have released their first new recording since 1994.

The new release isn't actually a new song, but rather a re-recording of one of their earliest tracks, a 1983 banger called "Sodden Jackal." Released as part of the Adult Swim Singles series, the track feels vital, the sleeker modern sound enhancing a song that rips with the fury that modern doom bands go for but seldom get to. Quite simply, it sounds like it belongs in the modern doom landscape, which is a testament to how influential Wino and company have always been.

The Obsessed, who are based in Baltimore, only have one date coming up, opening for Clutch when they hit DC on December 23.

You can listen to "Sodden Jackyl" below.

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