The Orange Peels, the long-running indiepop group led by Alan Clapp, will release their first double album, Celebrate the Moments of Your Life, on July 16 via Minty Fresh. (Preorder yours.) While the title is a nod to some schmaltzy 1980s instant coffee ads, the band are also serious. It was a rough couple years for Clapp, with a bout of pneumonia, losing his father to cancer, and nearly losing his home to the California wildfires. “When you spend weeks wondering if you have a place to live, or even an address, it changes you,” Clapp says. “You have to forget your old life to a certain extent just to keep moving forward.”

It changed the sound of The Orange Peels, too, taking them into darker, noisier territory. Clapp is still a hook machine, but things don't sound quite as sunny. Take the first single from the album, "Human," which falls somewhere between The Cure and The Byrds sonically, and Clapp calls "a song for people who feel like they don’t belong." He adds, "There’s a message in verse 2 that sums it up: 'There’s no checkbox for what I am / who I am.’ We all need to feel like we belong to something, and when we feel like greater society doesn't have anything on offer, we’ll seek that connection and love wherever we can find it."

The lyric video for "Human" premieres in this post and you can check that out, along with a couple other tracks off the album, below.


2x2 03:32
Give My Regards to Rufus 03:14
Birds are Louder 04:49
Larkitekture 04:06
Little White Bird 02:05
Thank You 03:52
Whenever 01:58
The Ghost of You 04:44
Two Shores 04:16
Human 03:13
Mindego Hill 02:12
Magical Thinking 04:22
From the Rosemary to the Rose 04:23
From the Sunflower to the Nightshade Part 1: Helianthus 03:19
From the Sunflower to the Nightshade Part 2: Every Garden Grows 03:43
From the Sunflower to the Nightshade Part 3: Solanum 03:35
Pastels 7:33

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