The Orb are back with new ambient album Cow / Chill Out, World!, which will be out October 14 via Kompakt. Says Dr. Patterson, "The idea was simply to make an ambient album. We didn't look back and study earlier recordings, but wanted a more spontaneous approach, a focus on THE ORB today, our vibe in 2016."

This contrasts with their previous album Moonbuilding 2073 AD which the duo spent years fine-tuning. Cow was made in five months. "It got so spontaneous," said Patterson, "that a track like "9 Elms Over River Eno (Channel 9)" consisted only of material collected at North Carolina's Moogfest in May –- second-hand records from local stores, field recordings, live samples from gigs that we liked, and of course an excursion to the Eno River, which actually exists. This geographic intimacy and the spontaneity are among the top reasons why we love this album so much."

Another Eno -- Roger Eno -- features on the new album as does frequent collaborator Youth. You can listen to "5th Dimensions" from the album below. The famed Designers Republic did the "ambient" sleeve, which you can check out below, along with the tracklist.



The Orb - Cow / Chill Out, World! tracklist
01/A1. First, Consider The Lillys
02/A2. Wireless MK2
03/A3. Siren 33 (Orphee Mirror)
04/A4. 4am Exhale (Chill Out World!)
05/B1. 5th Dimensions06/B2. Sex (Panoramic Sex Heal)
07/B3. 7 Oaks
08/B4. Just Because I Really Really Luv Ya
09/B5. 9 Elms Over River Eno (Channel 9)
10/B6. The 10 Sultans Of Rudyard (Moo Moo Mix)

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