Originally known as Orb Sound System, OSS is The Orb's Alex Patterson and Fil Le Gonidec, and as DJ duo/live act have played at Glastonbury, Fuji Rock, supported Kraftwerk and "played chess with Robbie Williams, who also stole their speed." The "OSS" now seems to change its meaning regularly (be it "Oh So Sweet" or "On Sum Shit"), and they've got an album, Enter The Kettle, on the way via Patterson's Obscure imprint through Cooking Vinyl.

OSS are a little dancier than the Orb have been lately, and more playful too, as you can hear on the new single "Disco Bombing." They say: "It’s a northern post industrial techno rhythm from the vaults of concretely kept melodies from the Hassled sides of Pearson park as Canadian geese dive bomb the lakes the disco bombing is complete."

You can watch the "Disco Bombing" video below and preorder Enter the Kettle here.

Enter The Kettle artwork

1 ‘Whippersnapper'
2 ‘No Speed Limit'
3 ‘Digital Bicycle Clips'

( Southside )
4 ‘Wow Picasso'
5 ‘Disco Bombing'
6 ‘Delta River

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