by BrooklynVegan Mike

The Organ

I know I wasn't the only one to get veklempt when Vancouver quartet The Organ decided to call it a day in December of 2006. Their debut album, 2004's Grab That Gun, was an embracing collection of songs that has received heavy play at my pad from it's release to this day.

So what bittersweet joy I received the other day from Mint Records when I learned that last year the band very quietly reunited to finish up the songs that were in the works for their ultimately scrapped follow-up. The e.p, entitled Thieves, will clean out The Organ's closet with six songs and serve as a farewell to the dedicated fanbase that have been holding out (myself included) for a possible reunion.

Let The Bells Ring

Due October 14th, one of the songs, "Let The Bells Ring" (above), was released as a seven inch and the other songs have floated online as live bootlegs. For those pining for other Organ-related sounds, check out lead singer Katie Sketch's new outfit, Mermaids and her sister Shmoo's project Die Cowboy Die

1. Even In The Night
2. Oh What A Feeling
3. Let The Bells Ring
4. Fire In The Ocean
5. Can You Tell Me One Thing
6. Don't Be Angry

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