Chicago band The Orwells have broken up, following sexual misconduct allegations against members that were made public earlier this week. They wrote on Twitter and Facebook, simply "The Orwells have disbanded." Though the group had "emphatically" denied the allegations, they did cancel their only upcoming show (Chicago's Metro in November). The (often anonymous) allegations against them included having sex with 15, 16 and 17 year old girls, sending unsolicited nude photos to minors, and rape.

On Tuesday, fellow Chicago band Twin Peaks issued a statement about previous comments members had made denouncing the band. "It has come to our attention that some people and publications are applauding us for denouncing The Orwells," they wrote. "We are here to say that it was not us, but a group of strong women that had the courage to make the truth public about The Orwells’ abusive, abhorrent behavior."

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