At the request of Smartpunk, Mark Hoppus filled out his own blink-182 songs bracket today, and his former bandmate Tom DeLonge is currently in the news too, for a much different reason. The Pentagon has officially released three declassified videos of "unidentified aerial phenomena" captured by U.S. Navy pilots, the very same videos published by Tom's To the Stars... Academy of Arts & Sciences organization in 2017 and 2018. Via CNN:

The Pentagon has officially released three short videos showing "unidentified aerial phenomena" that had previously been released by a private company.

The videos show what appear to be unidentified flying objects rapidly moving while recorded by infrared cameras. Two of the videos contain service members reacting in awe at how quickly the objects are moving. One voice speculates that it could be a drone.
The Navy previously acknowledged the veracity of the videos in September of last year. They are officially releasing them now, "in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real, or whether or not there is more to the videos," according to Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough.

[...] The Navy videos were first released between December 2017 and March 2018 by To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, a company co-founded by former Blink-182 musician Tom DeLonge that says it studies information about unidentified aerial phenomena.

After this news was revealed, Tom wrote, "With today’s events and articles on my and @TTSAcademy’s efforts to get the US Gov to start the grand conversation, I want to thank every share holder at To The Stars for believing in us. Next, we plan on pursuing the technology, finding more answers and telling the stories."



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