The Phantoms RevengeEvery once in a while, something just comes across the headphones that is just so good, so amazing that it takes precedent over all your other songs. The ohmygodthisisthebestthingever feeling sweeps us in and nothing can top it. The current spot is held by French producer The Phantom's Revenge for his track "For Those Who Came In Late".

We were floored when we heard this on Solid Goldberger. From pounding bass to disco vocals to strings to a huge build for the end of the track that fools you at first then pays off. This track is and should be massive. We tried to get more info on The Phantom's Revenge, but to no avail. All we really know is that his plan is to save the world and that he is afraid of spiders. Get more tracks at SG.


P.S. Help Showpaper stay alive and have fun at the same time by stopping by the benefit show happening at Market Hotel Thursday night. Details below.....

Todd P presents....

Thursday, February 28th @ MARKET HOTEL <----- look! the venue changed! || bikes in kitchen famous friends brooklyn by hand a benefit for showpaper team robespierre |||| ninjasonik |||||| vivian girls |||||||| snakes say hiss dj bradley d ---------> from Famous Friends
|| Rage Mountain djs
|| dj Never Forget ------> from Finger on the Pulse

957 Broadway @ Myrtle | enter on Myrtle | Bushwick, Brooklyn
JMZ - Myrtle, L - Jefferson, G - Myrtle-Willoughby | 9:30pm | $5-$20 sliding | all ages
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