The Pipettes @ Highline Ballroom, NYC - June 5, 2007 (CRED)
Pipettes @ highline Ballroom

a review by Nick Greto

I went to see the Pipettes at the new Highline Ballroom in NYC Tuesday night (June 5, 2007). I expected a polished, very modern, and sleek concert hall. That was exactly what I got - the ballroom was stacked with colorful lights, shiny tables and just newness all about.

My Pipettes expectations were very low. Prior to the show my thoughts on the band were sort of, "yea, retro, doo-wop thing with a sexy twist, a la Amy Winehouse, but ultimately boring songs".

I was way off base on that one.

I arrived around 9:45 pm, and the very talented opening act Smoosh (how old are those girls anyway?) was nearly halfway through their set. I was certain that we would have to wait for another act before the Pipettes took the stage - I expected to be very tired and non-productive at work the next day. Surprisingly, the Pipettes took the stage at 10:30 on the nose (their scheduled time).

I was drawn in immediately. In front of me stood three beautiful ladies with dreamy voices, dressed in polka dotted uniforms. Moments later it was evident that they also knew how to have fun, and more importantly - they knew how to make the crowd have fun.

They blasted through much of their material rapidly (most of the songs are under 3 minutes long). They joked about their "two favorite things". "Love" was the first, and they let us use our imagination to come up with the second. Their songs are danceable and catchy. They danced, and I danced. Even as I write this the songs are still stuck in my head.

Then in no time, the show was over. They closed the encore with "We are the Pippetes", and I couldn't help but feel a bit broken-hearted - but like any relationship that ends that way, I was very glad to have been involved at all

Earlier that night the girls played a free show in a store....

The Pipettes @ Other Music, NYC - June 5, 2007 (CRED)
Pipettes @ Other Music

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