The Pop Group will release Y in Dub -- the new dub version of their debut album they've created with master of the form Dennis Bovell -- in October and they've now made a video for the first single "Words Disobey Me." Colorfully illustrated and animated by Peter Harris Music and Art & Llyr Williams, the video is intense and phantasmagoric, much like the song itself. Check that out below.

Meanwhile we asked main man Mark Stewart to make us a playlist of his favorite dub tracks, and he happily obliged with 10 essentials, including plates from Prince Far I, Rupie Edwards, The Tamlins, The Twinkle Brothers, Elizabeth Archer & The Equators, and more. This list also includes Devon Irons' "Ketch Vampire [Ketch a Dub]" which Mark calls "the best production from the late great Lee 'High Priest' Perry, the duke of dub." Mark dedicates the entire list to Lee "Scratch" Perry, who we lost over the weekend.

Check out Mark's Essential Dub Picks, along with his commentary, below.

Y in Dub is out October 29 via Mute.


1. “Jahovia [Dub Version]” – The Twinkle Brothers
The mystical classic that me and Ari (Up) used to warrior dance to as the last tune of Shaka’s soundsystem back in the day. (begins at 3:53)

2. “Judge I O’ Lord [Judge I Dub]” – Tapazucki
Tapazucki introduced to me by Patti (Smith) when The Pop Group toured with her in ’78, made a clutch of killer dubs. (begins at 3:25)

3. “Feel Like Making Love [Version]” – Elizabeth Archer & The Equators
Dennis ‘Blackbeard’ Bovell’s finest moment, in my humble opinion, pure plunderphonics.

4. “Psalms of David [Riddim]”  – Prince Far I
Hanging with Far I, was one of the highlights of my life.  This is the most beautiful skeletal dub with incredible haunting violin. (begins at 3:42)

5. "Diverse Doctrine [Version]" – Ras Ibuna
I know very little about Ras Ibuna, but I have played this tune a million times. (begins at 3:45)

6. "Ire Feelings" – Rupie Edwards
This is the first reggae dub record I ever heard.  It was often played at the youth club next to "Rock On" by David Essex!

7. “Sons of Slaves [Sons of Dub]” – Junior Delgado
Again, like Far I, through Adrian (Sherwood), I got to work with and befriend the late Junior Delgado.  This song is an anthem for doomed youth. (begins at 3:33)

8. “Baltimore [Version]” – The Tamlins
Like a lot of roots, this song is a spiritual tonic for whenever your soul needs lifting. (begins at 3:39)

9. “Ketch Vampire [Ketch A Dub]” – Devon Irons
The track 'Ketch Vampire' by Devon Irons is for me the best production from the late great Lee 'High Priest' Perry, the duke of dub, who has just passed away (RIP). (begins at 3:14)

10. “Moulding [Version]” – Ijahman Levi
An ambassador of pure Rastafarianism, Ijah is the man. (begins at 5:48)

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