Portishead @ Coachella 2008 (more by Ryan Muir)

When we headed over to the main stage for the Breeders set I spotted Rosanna Arquette. She was wearing a big orange dress and a sun hat and had a TV crew in tow. I hoped silently to myself at that moment that she was not doing a reality TV show.

When we arrived at the main stage our golf cart nearly ran over Jack White. I almost asked him if he wanted a ride but chickened out. Thankfully he was braver than us and came up a few minutes later to give us hugs and thank US for letting HIM cover "Walking With a Ghost." I almost died.
As if WE need to be getting the Thank you! COME ON!!!! He was so wonderful. And adorable. I loved his outfit! [Tegan and Sara]

the Raconteurs @ Coachella 2008 (more by Ryan Muir)
Raconteurs @ Coachella 2008

Download the Raconteurs MP3s HERE. Download the Portishead MP3s HERE.

Photos & video of Tegan & Sara's Coachella performance has been posted too.

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