The Radio Dept. have shared a new single, "Going Down Swinging." Like their 2014 single "Death to Fascism," this is released right before the upcoming Swedish national election:

The Swedish national election is coming up and that means we’re putting out a new single. What else could we do? There are references to church bells in the lyrics, listeners from outside of Sweden might want to know this: In May 2014 and on a couple of occasions since, churches in Sweden have been ringing their bells during nazi marches to warn the public. Before 2014 this hadn’t been done since 1939. Because of the huge problems we have with increasing racism in our country it is a very welcome gesture. Personally we don’t believe in gods but we do believe nazis and their peers - however they choose to present or disguise themselves - should be dealt with like in World War II.

Like usual, The Radio Department sing softly but carry a big stick, and the song contains the following verse:

These church bells
I love what they say
Nazis should be dealt with like in Normandie
Only inbreds join an alt right parade
Someone please tell that to Morrissey

Listen to the song below.