Two punk bands, Dayton, OH's The Raging Nathans and Joliet, IL's The Reaganomics, are releasing the Midwest Duress split EP this Friday (12/4) via Rad Girlfriend/Red Scare (pre-order), and we're now premiering the video for The Raging Nathans' "Can't Relate."

"The Raging Nathans are an open book, and the lyric video for 'Can't Relate' is a simple and honest portrait of the band," said Raging Nathans guitarist/vocalist Josh Goldman (who's also in The Dopamines). "With live performance mixed with artistic visuals, it's easy to relate to 'Can't Relate.'" The song is a catchy, no-frills ripper of the traditional pop punk variety (Ramones, Buzzcocks, etc), and the black-and-white video is just as simple and badass as the song itself. Check it out below.


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